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  • Do you keep bumping against a wall when you try to sing the higher notes in your song register?

  • Are you tired of hearing your singing teacher say "give more support / " relax your tongue ", etc., Without ever really knowing what is meant by that?

  • Would you like to sing easily, effortlessly and with a rich sound in all registers high and low while getting an expressive and balanced voice with no breaks?

  • Do you want to sing hour after hour without getting a hoarse throat ?

  • Are you interested in having a calm and balanced breathing?

  • Would you like to be able to sing from low to high notes smoothly? To learn to move more freely from "chest" to "head voice" without being able to hear any cracks inbetween?

  • Do you like to learn a singing technique that can be used for ALL styles and can open doors to your true potential as a singer?

  • Would you like to book your first lesson right away?

  • After taking your first singing lesson you know why so many now are turning to Søren Lee for teaching.

The SLS technique is used by over 120 Grammy winners in the United States and several of the finalists in American Idol and a number of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ray Charles, Linkin Park, Mika, Natalie Cole, Kelly Clarkson, Chaka Khan, Prince, Madonna, Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anita Baker and several of the finalists in American Idol David Archuleta was no. 2 in American Idol.

federah rose talent 2009

Among the singers that Søren teaches you’ll find Feridah Rose and Joanita Lubega, both of which were on the DR 1 TV program ‘Talent’. Søren's teaching was a big reason for Feridah Rose to go all the way to the semifinals. Joanita also went all the way to the first direct live show. Click here and listen to Feridah Rose's performance that was broadcast live on TV and hear the song that sent Feridah further in the semifinals.


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Søren also is coaching singers like Sonny Fredie- Pedersen, Vinnie Who, Johs, Nayah, HC, Thomas Storm, Simon Gents, Ayoe Angelica, Sisse Marie, Maja Shønning, Thomas Meilstrup, Natasia etc.

Taking singing lessons in Copenhagen with Søren Lee has given my voice  much more sound and personality, giving me more strength, more power, and stability in all my registers. Now I can sing freely in 4 octaves with rich sound, instead of just one and a half octaves. It has also helped me so I now can sing without getting hoarse and made it much easier for me to hit the high notes without straining. To take singing lessons with Søren is glorious because he is both very professional and humorous at the same time.
- Feridah Rose, finalist in Denmark's got talent 2009 DR 1 TV

Søren Lee is a really good singing teacher who manages to keep teaching at a high professional level, and the mood is good and relaxed. Through his teaching, I have been able to hit much higher notes than ever, and I have in general gained a better understanding of what it means to really sing, and to know what Speech Level Singing is all about.
– Kasper

Read more at Speech Level Singing website:

Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique is used by the biggest stars all over the world.
And now you can also learn it!

federah rose talent 2009

Click here and listen to the one and only Michael Jackson getting his voice trained over the phone in 1993, using the SLS technique, founded by the great legend vocal coach Seth Rigg. Seth Rigg also coached and educated me for 6 years, whilst living in Los Angeles.


Søren Lee is the first and only Level 3.0 Speech Level Singing teacher in Denmark and in Scandinavia. In the backdrop of the photo of myself and Seth Riggs you see Michael Jackson's gold records from Thriller.


This kind of vocal instruction should be shared with all of us
– Seth Riggs, about Søren Lee

Singing in all registers with the same ease as when you speak

With the SLS technique you will be able to sing both higher and stronger, while avoiding your voice getting too tired. You can shape the tone and sing in all styles with an anchored SLS technique. You can focus on the dissemination, the story, and the message. It is just as easy to sing as it is to talk!

Once you have learned to use the SLS technique, you will without problems be able to sing at least three registers, high and low, with a wide range of free and rich tones. A good metaphor for SLS technique is that when it works, it feels like you are running on train tracks, and you do not fall off when you change tracks (register). You can move easily in at least three octaves on the same rails without having to cover a switch (from chest to head voice). With the SLS technique it´s like being on the same track all the time - and you do not have to cover up your cracks when you change the registers.


I am deeply grateful to have found Søren as my singing teacher! Since I joined him some years ago my voice evolved enormously, I can suddenly reach the high notes, singing without getting hoarse - I can sing freely. My voice has more tone and strength than it ever had before. I really like that when I come to see Søren, it is the voice that is in focus. He shows honesty which I greatly appreciate. Søren also has a good understanding of how singing can be a personal and sensitive thing. I have been through many singing teachers, but never one that has helped me to  progress in such a short time as Søren Lee and Speech Level Singing. THANKS Søren, I am a fan! :)
– Louise Lund Gade


IMG_0040SLS technique is when your larynx remains in a neutral and relaxed position when you sing. At the same time you keep the vocal cords collected from the lowest to your highest note.
This means you will avoid cracks in your voice, but more importantly the muscles around the vocal cords will relax, and you will avoid the tensions that prevent your voice from exploiting its full potential.



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Larynx - Adam's apple - moves up when you sink, and down when you yawn.
When we talk, the larynx usually will be in a neutral position. But in singing many people will raise the larynx when singing high notes, and vice versa at low tones. The voltages that this entails, is transmitted to the voice and makes straining.  Over longer time, tensions can have a debilitating effect.


Søren is a super singing teacher! He has opened my eyes to the point that now I am able to sing songs that I before never thought would be possible. He goes into detail so I get the right exercises for my voice. SLS feels natural and right, and has given my voice a lot more strength and tone, I highly recommend it. I feel in good hands with Søren and know he takes gently care of my voice while he at the same time challenges it. Also he is just a really nice guy!
– Karoline Leistiko


I’ve just passed one year at Søren Lee´s vocal studio, and it's the best thing that ever has happened to my voice. He is the best singing teacher I have ever been training with, and you always have a super time with Søren. You really learn things the right way.
– Carsten Lender Music teacher / professional musician


One voice - no breaks - freedom

You've probably experienced when there are some breaks in your voice, or that you might have two very different tones in your voice. Most often it is very powerful on the lower notes, and somewhat thinner on the higher notes.

IMG_0036-800pxYou build a bridge between the head and the chest voice, which is called the mix, which is a mixture of the low notes and high notes, for example: Most of us have tried to sing a song and suddenly your voice breaks from having a thick rich sound, to become a thin and uncertain tone in the higher registers. SLS technique makes the higher register stronger and delivers a much more filling and rich resonance.

Your mix is therefore the register that sits right between your deep tones that resonate in the chest (chest voice), and your highs which resonates in the head (head voice). That’s why the bridge is build - between the low and high notes, which is the place for most breaks in the voice.
When the bridge is trained and has become strong enough, you do not longer have to worry about whether the voice can make and hold the high notes, or whether it disappears in the lower notes.

Some people may have a very nasal voice when talking or singing, others might have a more gruff voice, like Sylvester Stallone. Others may have a flat or tense voice. We can with some simple exercises do something about that so that the voice gets the natural beautiful ambience, which you are born with.

You will get a huge freedom to sing whatever you want, because you are not prevented by the fact that a desired tone is in the middle of your break

You will find that the problems that you used to have with your voice in the low and high registers will disappear.

SLS technique gives you a great feeling of having one voice, right from your lowest tone to your highest. But it requires targeted training to get there. This is the training that I can give you.

Today I am the only Certified SLS singing teacher in Copenhagen.

This is what one of the world's best singing teachers from the United States said to me when I mentioned that I would start teaching SLS technique. "Søren you are very talented and we are excited two have you on board".


I have been singing choir both in primary and secondary school and have been singing all my life.  I realised that I started having problems with my singing when my voice went from child voice to grown voice. These problems began to manifest themselves: It got more difficult to sing the high notes, and my voice began to crack in the various transitions. The more I tried to avoid it, the worse it became. It was increasingly more frustrating and it took away some of my singing joy. Despite the fact that I took solo singing lessons with various singing teachers, I never managed to change my singing technique. One day I searched the web for singing lessons and discovered Søren Lee's website. Søren describes a number of issues that his singing technique can help. I felt as if he might have heard me sing, he described the problems I had with my singing. I therefore contacted Søren to try a lesson, and I have no regrets. Søren teaches in a completely different way than I've ever experienced before. He has trained my voice with singing exercises that has loosened up the problems I had with my voice. Now I can sing freely without breaks. I would highly recommend to everyone, both experienced and novice singers, to take singing lessons with Søren.
– Maria Friis Larsen


I have gradually received singing lessons from Søren Lee for 3 years. It is instructive, nice and improves my quality of life. Highly recommend it.
– Martin Lipsøe singer and business man


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Read more: My Own Background



My own background

I started my musical career as a professional guitarist when I was very young. I first got curious about singing when I started writing lyrics to my own songs. For some years I took many singing lessons in Denmark in various singing techniques and tried different Danish teachers and felt throughout time, that there had to be an easier and more correct approach to learn how to sing.

IMG_0154I began my introduction to SLS by taking lessons for one year in Sweden with an teacher who opened my eyes to SLS singing techniques. Since then I have received training in SLS technique in USA (Hollywood) with some of the best singing teachers in the world including Seth Riggs, Dean Kealin, John Henny, Jeffrey Skousen, Greg Enriquez, Wendy Par, Dave Stroud, Jesse Nimitz and Brett Manning etc. and I am now a successfully trained Level 3.0 SLS teacher and is certified as such.

I myself had many tensions around my larynx and jaw, but after a few years of working with SLS techniques I got rid of them all.

If I in the past had to sing a song which spread over more than one octave, I often had problems. We all know situations where we have to sing along in a festive occasion, maybe a Beatles song or maybe a hymn in a church, or even a birthday song at a birthday party. I could never finish the song without constantly having to switch from singing the song in the lower range and then sing the rest in the high register and back and forth. It felt like having to change tracks and that became very frustrating.
I could not stretch my notes over more than an octave and that is about 8 notes, which made it difficult and actually impossible to sing one song or hymn the right way. I simply did not know how to do it. Today I can sing more than three octaves without breaks in my voice.

I also studied music for four years in New York USA at the New School for jazz and Contemporary Music.

During the last 10-15 years I have also been teaching at various Conservatories and MGK´s (schools for preparing to go to Conservatories) in Denmark.


* * * Singing Lessons at it´s best * * * From a dream to reality: I have gone from being 100% beginner and inexperienced to become a solo female singer in my own band. I wanted to get on the right track from day one so therefore I chose to be taught by Søren Lee, after reading about him and his background and education with Seth Riggs. From the beginning my goal was to be able to sing on stage with my own band and my own songs within the first year. Around a year ago when I had my first lesson with Søren, it was also the first time I had to sing in front of a stranger. It was a big challenge to me, My whole body was shaking for the first 10 minutes. I thought I would come for a few lessons and then work on my voice by myself, but I found out very quickly how important it is to practice and use my voice properly. Søren has an ability to encourage me when I doubt my qualifications. He gives me hope by showing me new ways when I get stuck, or lose faith in my singing and my songwriting. For me it is only SLS technique that makes sense. Søren manages to work constructively with both technical issues and at the same time be very aware of where the students are emotionally, so as to achieve inner peace right from the start. This is particularly important to me in relation to try and relax more, believe more in myself and therefore dare to let go so I can hit the high notes. Today, I can´t do without my lessons with Søren because it is the best investment I ever did for myself. I would be happy if others would get the same experience.
– Catrine Christensen Singer and paramedic for Falck at Copenhagen Airport


Before I met Søren Lee, I had no vibrato when I sang. I had been taking singing lessons for several years before, and I had been sitting for countless hours on the internet trying to find ways in which I could get vibrato. Not only did I discover vibrato after a single hour with Søren (Yes, it may sound too good to be true), I also discovered that I could sing in several registers. I was afraid to sing high notes, but it was actually because I sang my deep tones wrong. Søren helped me to fix that. If you are in doubt, you should give it a try. I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised. :-)
– Melina Barhagh, Singer and student at the University of Copenhagen


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See music videos with singers who have taken SLS singing lessons with Søren Lee

Music Videos

Here are some videos with singers who have taken SLS singing lessons with Søren Lee







Vinnie Who

Thomas Storm

Sonny Freddie Pedersen

Jeanette Zeniia

Feridah Rose

Simon Gents

Maja Shining

Sisse Marie

Thomas Meilstrup

Johanna Jarl


Ayoe Angelica

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The singing lessons take place in Copenhagen or on Skype. You are welcome to call, email or text me for details.

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