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  • Do you keep bumping against a wall when you try to sing the higher notes in your song register?

  • Are you tired of hearing your singing teacher say "give more support / " relax your tongue ", etc., Without ever really knowing what is meant by that?

  • Would you like to sing easily, effortlessly and with a rich sound in all registers high and low while getting an expressive and balanced voice with no breaks?

  • Do you want to sing hour after hour without getting a hoarse throat ?

  • Are you interested in having a calm and balanced breathing?

  • Would you like to be able to sing from low to high notes smoothly? To learn to move more freely from "chest" to "head voice" without being able to hear any cracks inbetween?

  • Do you like to learn a singing technique that can be used for ALL styles and can open doors to your true potential as a singer?

  • Would you like to book your first lesson right away?

  • After taking your first singing lesson you know why so many now are turning to Søren Lee for teaching.

The SLS technique is used by over 120 Grammy winners in the United States and several of the finalists in American Idol and a number of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ray Charles, Linkin Park, Mika, Natalie Cole, Kelly Clarkson, Chaka Khan, Prince, Madonna, Josh Groban, Barbra Streisand, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anita Baker and several of the finalists in American Idol David Archuleta was no. 2 in American Idol.

federah rose talent 2009

Among the singers that Søren teaches you’ll find Feridah Rose and Joanita Lubega, both of which were on the DR 1 TV program ‘Talent’. Søren's teaching was a big reason for Feridah Rose to go all the way to the semifinals. Joanita also went all the way to the first direct live show. Click here and listen to Feridah Rose's performance that was broadcast live on TV and hear the song that sent Feridah further in the semifinals.


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Søren also is coaching singers like Sonny Fredie- Pedersen, Vinnie Who, Johs, Nayah, HC, Thomas Storm, Simon Gents, Ayoe Angelica, Sisse Marie, Maja Shønning, Thomas Meilstrup, Natasia etc.

Taking singing lessons in Copenhagen with Søren Lee has given my voice  much more sound and personality, giving me more strength, more power, and stability in all my registers. Now I can sing freely in 4 octaves with rich sound, instead of just one and a half octaves. It has also helped me so I now can sing without getting hoarse and made it much easier for me to hit the high notes without straining. To take singing lessons with Søren is glorious because he is both very professional and humorous at the same time.
- Feridah Rose, finalist in Denmark's got talent 2009 DR 1 TV

Søren Lee is a really good singing teacher who manages to keep teaching at a high professional level, and the mood is good and relaxed. Through his teaching, I have been able to hit much higher notes than ever, and I have in general gained a better understanding of what it means to really sing, and to know what Speech Level Singing is all about.
– Kasper

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Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique is used by the biggest stars all over the world.
And now you can also learn it!

federah rose talent 2009

Click here and listen to the one and only Michael Jackson getting his voice trained over the phone in 1993, using the SLS technique, founded by the great legend vocal coach Seth Rigg. Seth Rigg also coached and educated me for 6 years, whilst living in Los Angeles.


Søren Lee is the first and only Level 3.0 Speech Level Singing teacher in Denmark and in Scandinavia. In the backdrop of the photo of myself and Seth Riggs you see Michael Jackson's gold records from Thriller.


This kind of vocal instruction should be shared with all of us
– Seth Riggs, about Søren Lee

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